Coaching is about development of potential in all its forms. We help you develop your personal or professional competencies and/or the potential of your company. 

Business Coaching

The starting point of business coaching is a specific business issue. It deals with challenges like how to be more efficient, how introduce a new structure, how to change ICT, how to be more customer driven, etc

Business coaching also helps principals and business owners with challenges in the areas of sales & marketing, customer focus, management, leadership, changes, innovation, ICT alignment, business architecture etc. The role of a Business Coach is to offer guidance, support, accountability and encouragement.  

The coaching starts by listening to understand your needs and expectations. Systematic questions guide you and help you discover which factors limit or stimulate your business. Together with your business coach you will discover possibilities and solutions that help you and your company.

Professional business coaching is different for business consultancy. Consultants tell you what to do. Coaches guide you to come to a solution yourself. In this way, you grow as a business owner or manager, together with your company.

Executive & Management coaching

It can be lonely at the top ... Pressure is high and you are always expected to be on your edge. Having somebody who can be your sounding board, who can listen without judgement or personal interest, can be a huge relief. A coach can offer you an external view and a new perspective. He makes sure you are not alone.

He supports you while taking difficult decisions, developing your vision and strategy and dealing with crises. Executive & management coaching focuses on managers and executives who want to deal better with their environment, who need reflection or support in difficult situations.

Topics for executive and management coaching

  • Development of a vision & strategy
  • Business transformation
  • Personal leadership
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict management

Career Coaching

Not happy about your job? Looking for your true passion? Starting your own business?

Career coaching helps you develop insights in your values, interests and possibilities. Your coach will guide you in developing a plan to enhance or change your career. He will help you find answers to your questions and turn them into concrete actions.

Topics for career coaching

  • Discover your personality, drivers and talents
  • Achieving a healthy work-life balance
  • Developing communication skills
  • Dealing with insecurities about own position
  • Re-discovering your passion and dreams
  • Implementing new patterns
Improve your career word on office table with computer, coffee, notepad, smartphone and digital tablet

Personal Coaching

Your coach guides you in your personal development: achieve your goals, communicate better in relations and change negative habits ... Personal coaching provides insight in your own behaviour and the effect of this behaviour. It helps you get in motion so you can create the life you want.

SME Coaching

The “SME Coaching Concept” focuses on entrepreneurs, business owners, managing directors and managers. It is a coaching approach in which strategy and operations go closely together. Your coach helps you reinforce your vision, mission, strategy, company, structure and human capital.

Your coach will be your sounding board and will positively challenge you to new insights and directions. This coaching approach can be extended with consulting.

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About Us

We provide coaching, consultancy and training to executives, managers and professionals to assist them in coping with changes or help them reach the next level.

Our Mission

We help organisations find customer focused and innovative business solutions and put them in practice.